"A well regulated militia being necessary to
the security of a free State, the right of
the People to keep and bear arms shall not
be infringed."

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transitive verb
1: to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another



Dunn's Sporting Goods
8733 Commercial Blvd
Pevely, MO 63070
(636) 475-4240

Denny Dennis
Sporting Goods

1 Gravois Rd
Fenton, MO 63026
(636) 343-9447

Mid America Arms
8205 Gravois Rd
St. Louis, MO 63123
(314) 631-3130

Smitty's Sporting Goods
13220 Timberwood Ln
DeSoto, MO 63020
(636) 586-5839

High Country
Shooting Sports

6595 Mall Dr
Cedar Hill, MO 63016
(636) 285-1107


Missouri, Arizona, Florida and Maine


Missouri recoginizes ALL permits, regardless of what state issued the permit. This means you have the option to select from several permits, choosing the one(s) that best fit your needs.

This class will qualify you for your Missouri permit and several out-of-state permits as well. Duaine is NRA certified in both basic pistol and personal protection. Duaine's class is taught strictly to Missouri State standards.

When you and a friend(s) sign up and attend class together, you EACH will receive a $10.00 discount.

For news affecting your permit or training, see the GOOD NEWS-N-BAD NEWS.

See what our students have said...

I just want to say thank you again for everything yesterday! I feel I learned a lot and I know I have more confidence now.

I took your class a few weeks ago at the Super 8 in Pevely. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I must say that you offer a far better experience than other instructors/classes that I've heard about since. I've been pointing friends who are interested in obtaining their CCW permit in your direction. I'm almost finished with reading your book. It's a good and intelligent write. Good job, sir.

I'm sure you all must have seen the article on the front page of the Post today about the lady (IL, I think) who defended her sister from a home invasion. The guy was choking her sister & she shot him in the back--well within her rights for she feared for their lives. I wouldn't have understood this whole issue had I not taken the class. This is just the sort of thing that made me doubly glad for taking the class. Thanks again!

Thank you so much for the CCW class!  We enjoyed it very much!!!
D&S H.

Michelle is super excited and she loved the idea for Christmas. She's looking forward to Wednesday and I thank you for your help and great customer service. I know from speaking with you that I made the right choice for her CCW course and will definitely recommend you guys to anyone that I talk to that's looking for the training!

I got a day early birthday surpise from Arizona today when I opened my mail...I just wanted to say thank you again and let you know how much I appreciate your help...I feel much better now, knowing I'm legal...I've been lucky in past situations, but I know, luck can and does, sometimes run out...I can not express enough, how much better your class, your advice and your above and beyond services, has made me feel...I am so glad I chose your trainnig course...I can not express how much I appreciate your help on this and I will make it a point to tell everybody and everyone, thinking of taking a CCL class, where and who, in my opion, is "Simply the Best" ...You have made my day...Pun intended.

First of all I would like to thank you and Debbie for the class. Also I have told several friends of mine how good the class was and they will be taking the class within the next two weeks. Thanks

I just wanted to espress to you and your daughter that I enjoyed taking your class and that it was very professional and informative as well. I will definitely recomend you to anyone who asks. Thank you for your time and hope you have a good day.

Thank you again for allowing me to take your CCW class. Very well run and informative.

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your class. You camje highly recommended, and I was not disappoinhted. Lots of valuable inforamtion delivered in an easy and interesting manner. The day was over before I knew it, and I could have stuck around for even more of your stories and knowledge. I'll tell anyone that wants to get their c&c to go straight to you!

Just wanted to say Thanks again for the outstanding-class you and your daughter put on today. I took a lot away from it and now I'm more prepared than I've ever been to defend myself, my family and my rights. I'll see you at the Range Sir.

Thank You for all of your help with this and I think your book is a good reader for anyone who seems to be fearful of Concealed carry laws. It also helped me understand a lot about people's perception of firearms.

It was a good class. You were SAFE and also engaging. I'd imagine that the wrong instructor for such a class could turn it into a very boring class. This swas not the case with your class.

I took your class a few weeks ago (great class, thanks again for your help and for your passion for our rights, and for all the work to make and keep CCW in Missouri).

Just wanted to say "thank you". I had just finished working a 10-hour shift Friday night before class. I thought it was going to be tough staying awake for an 8-hour class, but I was wrong. You made 8 hours go by fast because the information and the way you explained it kept me very interested all day. If anyone I know is looking to take a CCW course I will tell them [to see you]. I went back today to Top Gun and got a Crimson Trace for my Ruger LCP. Thank you again for all the important information about CCW and the way you taught it.

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